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  • NVIDIA RTX 4070 Performance and DLSS 3 Games
  • NVIDIA RTX 4070 Performance and DLSS 3 Games


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 32:23

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    Originally recorded May 2023

    Show Notes

    When the Ada Lovelace line of GPUs from NVIDIA launched there was a HUGE product marketing disaster that has plagued the launch of the latest 40-Series graphics cards.  First out of the gate was the RTX 4090 and was a monster of a card, not only did it break all the records but was rumored to burn 12VHPWR power connectors.  Of course, that could all be planned damage by shady YouTube sites to throw shade on an overpowered graphics card – OR- could have been a serious manufacturing defect from shoddy companies trying to save a few bucks. 

    Next up we had (2) RTX 4080 cards launched back-to-back.  One with 16GB of memory while the other had 12GB.  Enthusiasts called NVIDIA out on that one calling them some pretty serious names just above the n00b level.  So, their response was to “unlaunch” the RTX 4080 12GB and then “launch” the RTX 4070 Ti just to save face.

    Now, that brings us to the focus of this Podcast, the RTX 4070.  This card released in April 2023 and is nothing more than what the RTX 4070 Ti should have been and the RTX 4080 16GB been made to be a little slower.  Instead we have a hodgepodge of frosted flakes that not even the Sesame Street Count could figure out.

    However, with that being said, the card is pretty amazing then pared with the Intel Core i9 13900k and running some of the latest game titles with DLSS 3 provided that you are gaming on a quality 1440p wide screen monitor with a good supply of quality beverages.

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    Episode 147 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)