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  • The Current State of Cloud Gaming and Should you Take it Serious
  • The Current State of Cloud Gaming and Should you Take it Serious


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 28:51

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    Originally recorded May 2023

    Show Notes

    Gaming has some a long way since the advent of computers.  Some of the first games required that the user actually program the entire thing, after that it could be saved to tape or disk.  Later, when removable media was easily accessible you would find games being distributed on them for purchase at the local electronics store.  If you were into Shareware games you could download them from friends or the local Bulletin Board System.  It wasn’t until the advent of the user accessible internet when we would see the biggest change in, not only how games were played but, how games would be distributed.

    You see, while you could download and share games there was little to protect the unauthorized use of those games.  Some disks contained copy protection while others required a CD Key or even the original disk to verify that you were the owner of the game.  For gaming consoles this was second nature but, on the PC it was pretty easy to share and pirate games.  Heck, it is still a major concern for game developers and why those developers have fully embraced services such as Steam, Xbox Live, Origin and other digital distribution services.  Not only do they give the gamer easy access to the latest game titles but, the service ensures that only the original purchaser is able to use the game.

    The next logical step, and the focus of this Hardware Asylum Podcast Extra is on cloud gaming.  When you play games from the cloud you bypass the need to actually purchase the game.  Instead, you simply lease/rent access to the program allowing you to play it for as long as you pay for the service.  You can play these games from any device with internet access.  If you have an exceptional Internet connection you can get exceptional service, If you are on a budget and have a substandard Internet service then y our experience will suffer like the scum you are.

    So, the question is.  Is it time to embrace cloud gaming as the second coming?  Or should we remain optimistic that eventually these platforms may become a driving force in the industry but, realize that it isn’t time.

    That is for you to decide but, if any of the recent news surrounding the struggles that both Google and Amazon have reported with their gaming service and the many failures with the Steam gaming console are any indication.  Then the purpose-built gaming PC will be around for many years to come.

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    Episode 147 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)