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  • Asking ChatGPT to Build us a Gaming PC
  • Asking ChatGPT to Build us a Gaming PC


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 29:31

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    Originally recorded July 2023

    Show Notes

    As the owner of a well-known hardware review website, I am often targeted as a trusted source when it comes to building a PC.  I generally do not cover complete system builds on the website but, have built more computers than I care to admit.  Of course, if someone is looking at a product I reviewed they may have questions about something I did or how to get the most from it.

    The most common question I have gotten is “What is the best product for me to buy” or, “I have X dollars, what is the best machine I can build for that amount of money”. 

    These questions are trivial and while I might recommend one build someone else may suggest something else and, in most situations, neither is incorrect and comes down to what we know and what we trust.  This is where using AI can be dangerous.

    Many of us have used Google or Apple maps to plot road trip or even get directions to a job interview.  We trust the results because the results have worked out good for us in the past and we have some experience on if something sounds right.  For instance, we have heard the stories about how a navigation app has sent someone down a railroad track or through a neighborhood because it seemed like the best way to go.  We can ultimately decide if that is correct.

    However, for users without experience building a PC you can often get conflicting advice and wouldn’t know if the results are actually the best or based on old information

    The discussion in this episode talks about the current state of AI and ChatGPT and takes a rather in-depth look into how to get the most from your AI adventure and why apps like the one from Newegg may not be the best source of information for the beginner and laughable for an expert.

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