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  • SilverStone CS382 NAS Chassis and the Game Modes of Fortnite
  • SilverStone CS382 NAS Chassis and the Game Modes of Fortnite


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 34:57

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    Originally recorded February 2024

    Show Notes

    SilverStrone CS382 NAS Chassis

    Backing up your personal data has been a problem since the inception of the PC.  Most users do not have a backup plan and “most” of the time that isn’t a problem but, accidents happen, hardware fails and you can quickly lose everything.  Modern pcs have adopted SSDs as their primary storage drive and unlike a traditional rotational hard drive getting data back from a failed SSD is next to imposable. 

    This is why backing up your data is important and while cloud solutions do exist, they cost money, are difficult to cancel and are no longer in your possession.  Sure, you have access but, the data is in the cloud, the cloud owns it, will care for it and, when you fail to pay it will be deleted.

    This is why we often suggest a NAS storage device.  These tiny servers sit on your network and can serve many purposes from raw data storage to hosting various applications.  They are quite small and have limited power, consume very little electricity and don’t require much to keep them running. 

    The downside is that a commercial NAS is often designed for light use and basic data storage.  What if you are a power user a hardware enthusiast and what to experiment with things like programming, application development, server hosting and even AI.  Well, you can do that with a NAS provided you have the horsepower to back it up.  This is where the SilverStone CS382 NAS Chassis can help.  This case supports eight hot-swap drive bays, Micro ATX motherboards, full sized power supplies, full length video cards, 280mm AIO watercoolers and comes with provisions for an external 5.25 drive bay and a slim optical drive.

    Fortnite Game Modes

    Darren has been looking for a new game to play and decided to check out Fortnite, not so much for the battle royale 3rd person builder shooter but rather the mods built on the game engine. 

    In this segment the duo sit down to discuss Fortnite, what is great about the new game modes, what sucks about Fortnite and one sure fire way to become a vbuck millionaire during any Fortnite season using this one simple trick.

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