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  • Overclocking Discussions Recorded Live in Taipei
  • Overclocking Discussions Recorded Live in Taipei


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia
    Guests: Pieter-Jan Plaisier (Massman) and Isaïe Trouffman Simonnet
    Time: 40:34

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    Originally recorded June 2014

    Show Notes

    Dennis has been attending Computex since 2003 and has watched the show slowly morph into something a little strange.  Not only has the show become more commercial but many vendors have gone to great lengths to attract visitors to their booth.  Sometimes this effort makes moments memorable and other times, not so much.  One of the hot topics at Computex 2014 is live overclocking including three professional competitions and at least six other independent overclocking demonstrations.

    To help talking about the overclocking scene during Computex Dennis pulled in two special guests, Massman from HWBOT and Trouffman from Overclocking TV. 

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    The recording was done during the HWBOT OC Gathering in a very small room with square corners, drywall paneling and floor to ceiling glass you can imagine that the sound quality was less than ideal.   To help battle and contain some of the echoes a small foam box was constructed to shield the microphone.   The foam panels worked really well and blocked sounds that bounced from the top and sides leaving the ends open unless there was a person there to absorb the rest.  If you listen carefully you can tell when a person was missing or backed away from the microphone to breathe or drink.

    Bottom line you will have to excuse the audio quality this time, the bad room combined with the sensitivity of the Blue Yeti really amplified the issue.  Next month Dennis and Darren will be back on their normal schedule and thankfully back on the R0de equipment.

    Episode 42 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)