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  • Orange and Black Attack Stack, Custom Watercooling and The Beast
  • Orange and Black Attack Stack, Custom Watercooling and The Beast


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren Mccain
    Time: 38:17

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    Originally recorded April 2015

    Orange and Black Attack Stack
    Early this year Dennis gave away two custom painted computer cases, a Cooler Master HAF Stacker and Silverstone Raven 4.  While both of these cases are excellent out of the box Dennis decided to give them a fresh of automotive Pearl Orange to help them stand out in the crowd.  Tim Hall was the lucky winner of the HAF Stacker and recently shared his build blog using this case. 

    It is great to see contest winners actually using the prizes they win.  Not only does that reaffirm the importance for sites, like Hardware Asylum, to give back to their community but also shows that people really care about supporting the sites they read.

    Be sure to check out the build blog and check back on for more details as the build continues.

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    Custom watercooling
    Dennis recently posted an article about how springtime can be rather boring for the hardware enthusiast.  Not only are we between major hardware releases but the draw of summertime weather and a reduced need for insulated clothing can be rather distracting at times. J.  In this segment Dennis talks about custom watercooling from what components you need to why you would build one to begin with.

    Of course the enthusiast spin on watercooling extends beyond pump/res/block/rad and can even include things like supercooling with a single stage phase cooler.

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    Beast LN2 Container
    Getting started with LN2 overclocking can be very expensive.   The majority of the cost is with the hardware however many forget about the onetime setup costs associated with the CPU and GPU containers used to supercool the processors.  Many overclockers experiment with container designs and der8auer ECC might have the end all design that will change the LN2 overclocking landscape.

    He calls it, the Beast

    In this segment Dennis gives you an overview of the Beast container based on some of the published photos available online.  The overall design is every elaborate and will support two styles of overclocking with a superfast cooldown and the ability to make micro adjustments in temperature once a target temperature has been reached.

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    Episode 51 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)