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  • Maximum PC Dream Machine and Dreamcasting the Borderlands Movie
  • Maximum PC Dream Machine and Dreamcasting the Borderlands Movie


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 41:21

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    Originally recorded September 2015

    Show Notes

    Maximum PC Dream Machine 2015
    This build really needs no introduction and it got quite a bit of press at launch.  For starters it was priced in north of 20K USD and featured a number of excessive components such as four watercooled Titan X video cards and 64 Gigs of ram.  Many of the components really make sense while others seem to be included due to sponsorship or the fact that “they could”.

    Hardware Asylum launched a builds section last month with the intent of doing builds based on a purpose.  One of them was an Xtreme build for 4-way SLI on LN2.  This may seem excessive like the MPC Dream Machine but, in this case you needed four cards.  The rest of the build was rather tame and only contained items you really needed along with some accessories required to go subzerio.

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    Dreamcasting the Borderlands Movie
    At PAX Prime 2015 Randy Pitchford announced that Legendary Pictures, the studio responsible for the Hunger Games franchise, was tapped to adapt Borderlands into a post apocalyptic blockbuster.  While it is dangerous to create movies based on games there are a few notable exceptions of where the formula worked and even more that failed miserably.  

    In this segment the duo go over the Forbes predictions and discuss the pros and cons of the actors they picked.  Funny thing, it would seem both of them totally missed that the pick for Tiny Tina was actually the voice actor for the character in the game.  While the look of the actress didn’t really match the character there would be little doubt on if she could pull it off

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    Episode 56 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)