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  • Pascal GTX 1050 Discussion followed by an In-depth Look at the HBT+ Gravity 6
  • Pascal GTX 1050 Discussion followed by an In-depth Look at the HBT+ Gravity 6


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 31:31

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    Originally recorded November 2016

    The new Pascal GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti
    With the launch of the low-end Pascal cards from NVidia it makes you wonder where the card actually fits in the performance landscape.  In this segment Dennis and Darren discuss who the target market is for this card and how price will be a huge factor in which card you actually go with.

    From a performance standpoint the GTX 1050 is extremely efficient and is able to run off of PCI Express power with no external power connector.  This is a huge step forward allowing OEM system builders the choice of installing a gaming card in their low end systems instead of a flat 2D only video card.

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    HBT+ Gravity 6 Case Overview
    Last year Dennis reviewed a couple of cases from HonBonTec and while the interior layout was very nice the outward style was somewhat dated and not very popular with enthusiasts.  For their next design the Gravity 6 HBT reached out to Hardware Asylum asking for some professional feedback on a few of the design concepts to make sure that both style and usability were accounted for.

    The results of those discussions have been embodied in their latest chassis, the Gravity 6.  From the outside the Gravity 6 looks like a very traditional case with a defined side panel, elegant top and front panels and very usable back section with seven expansion slots, pass-through ports and plenty of mesh.  Inside the case is a completely different story that can best be described as an “Enthusiast Playground”.  Not only is the inside of the case very roomy but comes with pleny of space for DIY watercooling, separated sections between the mobo and psu and locations for large triple fan radiators.

    Outside the case you will find full aluminum side panels and a aluminum wrapped decorative panels covering the various fan locations.  The chassis is made from steel for added strength and the side window is a dark tint to give your builds added style points they deserve.

    We are very excited about this new case and while it may not be for “everyone” we believe that most enthusiasts will enjoy it.

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    Episode 69 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)