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  • Budget System Building: Old Hardare vs New Hardware
  • Budget System Building: Old Hardare vs New Hardware


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 28:16

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    Originally recorded October 2017

    Show Notes

    Listeners of the Hardware Asylum Podcast will have heard us talking about a “stealth build” where we modded an old HP Pavilion multimedia OEM PC so it could hold a modern X99 MicroATX motherboard, Core i7 5960X and Cooler Master Nipton 140mm AIO and a few other components.  Well, the build served its purpose and now we feel it is time to migrate the build to a new task and in this case playing games.

    Keep in mind that this system is a fully working PC but was designed for a singular task.  For us to transform it to be a gaming PC we need to install a larger power supply around 650w and install a gaming video card.    In an attempt to keep things cheap, and put the 5960X back into the Hardware Asylum hardware library, it was decided to pick up a 5820K from eBay.  That is until….

    Coffee Lake was launched.

    While we love the Intel HEDT platform it seems that Intel is really shooting themselves in the foot by offering a six core LGA 1151 based processor that not only is cheaper than HEDT hardware but, in many ways, considerably faster.  In this episode the duo discuss some of the advantages of Coffee Lake and wonder why we even bother with X99 and X299.

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    Episode 80 featured music:
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