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  • Headphones Make the Game


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 27:56

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    Originally recorded February 2018

    Show Notes

    NVIDIA talks about total immersion as a way to get more from your games so that it feels like you are in them.  This is pretty easy to understand when you consider the visual aspect.  VR headsets give you the impression that you are in a digital world and the smoother your framerates the better the effect.  However, visuals are just one of the 3 ways to get lost in a game.  Touch is another and deals with how you control your games.  This might be a keyboard and mouse or controller and making your connection to a game effortless allows you to concentrate on the third which is Sound.

    Audio reproduction has been long overlooked in the PC world and has just recently started to gain more traction.  What used to be a user selected expansion card has become embedded onboard and can be a buying decision when upgrading your PC.  Thing is having a high quality sound card is only a part of the solution, you need a way to reproduce those smooth sounds and a high quality gaming headset can give you that.

    Much like this description, our episode takes awhile to get to the point.  Not always a bad thing and let us know if you want to hear more.

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