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  • Playing Vermintide 2 on the EVGA Podcast and Other Travel Stuff
  • Playing Vermintide 2 on the EVGA Podcast and Other Travel Stuff


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 33:33

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    Originally recorded March 2018

    Show Notes

    LA Travel Log
    Listeners of the Hardware Asylum Podcast may recall that Dennis tends to travel a lot.  Not so much a road warrior where he is on the road every week but rather taking off every couple months to go someplace new.  In this episode Dennis gives a quick travel report of a trip he took to City of Industry to visit with some of his mfg partners.  On this list were HyperX and Kingston, Thermaltake and EVGA.

    HyperX was first and quite an amazing stop.  Much of what was discussed hasn’t changed since CES so things like gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, memory and storage were pretty straight forward.  What was interesting was learning about some of the background processes that go into how they decide what products to make was really eye opening.

    After a short stop at Frys Dennis was off to see Thermaltake.  The visit was more social where he got to check out some of the latest customer builds the company was putting together.  One of the product managers was building a dual loop rig that would become a demo unit at Frys to help sell some of the TT Premium watercooling gear.

    The final stop, and main reason for the two day trip was to stop in at EVGA and be on the "EVGA Weekly with Jacob" aka their Podcast.  EVGA has been doing a podcast for a number of years which started as a traditional audio show and slowly morphed into a professional quality video stream complete with multiple camera angles and green screens.  While the show has no script and is often done with little planning there is a very strong marketing message showing a company actually using their own products in a way similar to how an end user would.     

    For instance the first part of the stream is housekeeping.  They talk about new driver releases, maybe highlight a few mods from the community and even take time to talk about new products.  After that they play some games with the help of some high-end EVGA hardware which is done on a 4K television and streamed out at 1080p.  The key here is 4K which can be very demanding and they show it can be done using their products.   

    Another draw is that EVGA will give away products on their streams to those how enter the raffle.  So, if anything it is a good excuse to win free stuff while learning about what EVGA does.      

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    Episode 85 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)