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  • eSports Battle Royale and Fortnite System Prep
  • eSports Battle Royale and Fortnite System Prep


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia
    Guest: Patrick Soulliere
    Time: 30:29

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    Originally recorded September 2018

    Show Notes

    For this podcast Dennis has a special guest, Patrick Soulliere from Crucial and Ballistix to talk eSports and other competitive gaming topics such as how to ensure you are getting the best performance from your gaming PC which extends beyond budget for your build and focuses on the fundamentals everyone should be following when building a rig from scratch or even upgrading an existing PC.

    Truth of the matter is Fortnite will plan on just about anything from a high-end gaming PC down to a mobile phone.  And while the game will physically run there are major differences between “how” you play the game.  For instance with the PC you have more control over the hardware and have access to the keyboard and mouse.  Consoles are limited by locked hardware and the popular game controller, and well, mobile phones are, mobile phones.

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    Episode 91 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)