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  • Hardware Asylum Lets Play - Battlefield V Open Beta and PC Building Simulator
  • Hardware Asylum Lets Play - Battlefield V Open Beta and PC Building Simulator

    Show Notes

    For this podcast we are breaking the mold and doing a video, err, two videos.  These are actually a game capture(s) with our podcast audio overlaid on top while we played the game.  We did this before with the launch of Battlefield 1 and decided it was fun enough to try again. 

    Our loyal podcast listeners will know several years ago Dennis built a dedicated podcast machine.  It was built on the Haswell platform using a Mini ITX motherboard and small form factor case.  During the build it was decided to add an Avermedia capture card with the intent of doing game and overclocking videos. 

    This feature has largely been ignored however, Dennis has done a few captures over the years and it works great.  The video from the target machine is first sent to an HDMI splitter with one output going directly into the capture card and the other going to a monitor.  By splitting the signal were is virtually no latency and allows the signal is being captured while removing the capture machine from the equation in case there is trouble.

    OBS was used to capture the 1080p 60fps video which was later edited using Magix VEGAS.  For the most part both video(s) are raw from when it was recorded however the PC Building Simulator needed to be trimmed down and if you look carefully you’ll see the cuts.

    Please let us know if you like this “Lets Play” format and want to see more. 

    I should mention that neither EA nor the PC Building Simulator folks sponsored this video so it doesn’t matter if you buy the game or not.  However we would appreciate sharing the videos or this Podcast page if you find the information good or simply like what we are doing.