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  • Things we are expecting from CES 2019
  • Things we are expecting from CES 2019


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 31:15

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    Originally recorded December 2018

    Show Notes

    As with all of our “Extras” we are taking a candid look at what CES 2019 might have in store for us.  Darren starts of saying that AMD rumors are pointed towards a new RTX killer graphics card and the promise that AMD will be in the next generation of gaming console(s) again.  I guess non-PC gaming isn’t good enough for Nvidia. 

    AMD should be all over CES tihs year given that their CEO is giving the keynote this year.

    Drones have been a big part of CES and they keep getting better as the technology has been improved.  Last year they showed a drone taxi and with any luck we might see it again at some point.  Darren believes that drones will, once again, be a big part of CES and Dennis would agree.  In a way we are at the point where Drones are the PC hardware of the remote control hobby world.  (read into that whatever you want)

    The final speculation is that VR will finally be something more than a gaming and pr0n accessory.  Since the inception VR has been struggling.  First the hardware wasn’t very good so only the most impressionable were excited.  As the technology improves (eg more money thrown at it) the displays have gotten better, the controls are still meh and we have graphics cards with enough power to drive a VR headset.  The only thing missing is good positional audio system and we have the hardware side licked.

    On the flip side content has been lacking. 

    The porn industry has really embraced VR and has been releasing some really great content however, that is hardly mainstream and sadly at the right age group for folks with money enough to buy a VR headset.  Games are available in VR and Borderlands 2 aside the graphics are usually garbage and the gameplay doesn’t work well with the controllers. 

    With all of that we still haven’t gotten anyone taking charge and doing the simple thing of showing an immersive movie though a VR headset.  The idea here is that VR would eventually replace the need for home theaters, reduce the fun of going to a Regal theater and watching the latest Fast and Furious.  Instead people would simply watch real movies in VR without leaving home. 

    As sick as this may sound that is a very likely future.

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    Episode 94 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)