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  • Game talk with Battlefield Firestorm FarCry 5 and Borderlands 3
  • Game talk with Battlefield Firestorm FarCry 5 and Borderlands 3


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 32:10

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    Originally recorded March 2019

    Show Notes

    It has been awhile since we have talked gaming on the Hardware Asylum Podcast and it wasn’t without the lack of trying.  Turns out there wasn’t much being released in the gaming world worth talking about.  Sure there are Battle Royale titles that everyone seems to love (mostly because they are free) and a few indie titles that mostly get lost in the noise. 

    Well in this episode we found something to talk about in the form of Battle Field V Firestorm.  Now, I know I just got done saying we didn’t care much for Battle Royale however, Darren claims this is King of the Hill and that is totally different.

    We start off talking about the downfall of BattleField V in their ranking system.  There will likely be an update released but not until they release new player and weapon skins, cause that is what people want? 

    Com’on, the gamer society is better than this right?

    After BF5 Dennis talks about his time playing FarCry 5.  This is an older title but one that can really pass the time between simply exploring or finding new ways to take over different parts of the map.  On top of this being a First Person Shooter it also has a variety of different vehicles including Planes, Choppers, Boats and Wingsuits.

    There is even a perk where you can airdrop yourself into an area every time you die.  I suspect this was taken from PUBG but who really knows.

    The final segment is all about Borderlands 3.  Long time listeners will know that many of the early episodes were dedicated to Borderlands 2 which by the time this episode had dropped was over seven years ago!!  As of this post Borderlands 3 was just announced so there isn’t much to say except that we are super excited to play the next installment.

    Let’s hope it is better than some of the garbage Gearbox has authorized to be released under the Borderlands name.

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     Episode 98 Extra featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)