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  • Cooler Master HAF 700 Review - The Berserker
  • Cooler Master HAF 700 Review - The Berserker


    HAF 700 Case Layout and Features

    It has been a while since I reviewed a full tower design and the HAF 700 simply towers over my mid-sized daily driver. The Berserker sits at 666 x 291 x 626 mm (~26 x 11.5 x 24.75 inches) and weighs in at about 20 Kg (~43.5 lbs.) and looks like it.

    Two gigantic 200mm SickleFlow ARGB fans dominate the front of the case behind the latest Fine Mesh V2 design This new mesh design has been structurally reinforced and tensioned it in key points to prevent resonances and allow the ARGB effects to shine through. A large tempered glass panel dominates the left-hand side for maximum visibility.

    The I/O panel located on the front of the case with ports split between the two sides. The left side houses the power, reset and two audio jacks. The right side has 4x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A slots and a single USB 3.2 gen 2 Type C port below it.

    The back and right sides of the case are much more traditional but with additional venting scattered across the hot spots. Nearly every surface has designed with peak airflow in mind.

    A wider design allows for quite a bit more venting on the back surfaces. Two more 120mm SickleFlow ARGB fans support the exhaust duties.  

    Eight expansion slots are offered to support the larger motherboards and each feature a slotted cover to improve cooling. An interesting addition is the ability to install your cards with a two-lever system making even your GPU installation tool-less. Like almost all of the external tool-less options, an optional thumbscrew can be used for security and portability.

    The Berserker does support a vertical GPU installation but requires Cooler Master's Vertical GPU Holder Kit V2/V3 sold separately.

    With a nearly tool-less design, taking the sides off requires first removing the top panel by lifting from the rear like a keystone. This panel can be held in place by a thumbscrew which is great if you are used to picking your case up by that edge!

    Once the top is removed the two sides open like a book with little effort to reveal the top fan mounting area.  This surface supports up to 2x 360mm radiators or a single massive 420mm radiator. It is a cleaver new take on a tool-less entry and it works great.

    The two sides wrap around the top about two inches. A faux black accent on the left side gives the illusion of wraparound glass and louvered venting that reminds me of modern car designs.

    From the inside, you can see the venting on the right has a set of magnetic mesh filters. The vertical two chamber design means the power supply will breathe through the back filter while the front filter protects your components.