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  • Cooler Master NCORE 100 Max System Case Review
  • Cooler Master NCORE 100 Max System Case Review


    Case Layout and Features

    I would like to consider the NCORE 100 Max a small form factor chassis but, there is nothing small about it.  The total volume will vary depending on the version.  For the NCORE 100 Max Dark Grey (featured in this review) we have a total volume of 15.8 Liters.  This jumps to 17.5 Liters with the Bronze edition and both cases stand nearly 19 inches tall (480mm). 

    You will find the power button at the bottom of the case hidden on a negatively angled post that becomes one of the case feet.  To the left of the power button, you’ll find the front panel controls which include two USB Type-A and a single USB Type-C and combo audio in and out 3.5mm audio jack.

    Flipping the case around you’ll find the chassis I/O connector location along with some cable tie points to help with the rat-nest of cables we have all come to accept.  At the bottom of the case, you’ll find the AC power input using a standard PC power cable. 

    Notice the cut out in the panel??  This is not likely to happen in the wild but, the side panels are virtually identical which gives you the opportunity to completely cover this connection if you get them messed up. wink smile

    The side panels are a combination of ball and socket style friction clips.  To release the panel, you pull the small end of the panel away from the chassis and then rotate the panel away from the case.  This will release the second set of socket clips that lock the panel to a traditional panel rail that you would find in every other case. 

    Installing the side panels is a reverse of the removal process.  Install the panel into the chassis rail, rotate the panel closed and give them a quick smack to lock the friction balls into their sockets.