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  • Cooler Master NCORE 100 Max System Case Review
  • Cooler Master NCORE 100 Max System Case Review


    Included AIO Cooler and SFX Power Supply

    Included Cooler

    The included AIO cooler is similar to the one found in the NR200P Max and quite typical when it comes to Cooler Master AIO designs featuring a dual chamber pump block and universal mounting hardware. 

    Maybe one of the only detractors to the NCORE 100 Max is the included cooling system and the single 120mm radiator.  It is combined with a single 120mm high pressure fan which provides an good amount of airflow. 

    The radiator and fan are located at the top of the NCORE 100 and installed intp a metal shroud.  This will ensure that air is being directed upwards with no chance of not passing through the radiator.  For me I feel the AIO is undersized for modern CPUs.  Sure, it will do a decent job at cooling but high powered CPUs will experience thermal throttling due to CPU heat, restrictive airflow from inside the chassis and elevated ambient temperature from the graphics card located directly below. 

    Included Power Supply

    The Cooler Master NCORE 100 Max comes with the V SFX Gold 850w power supply.  We have a review of this power supply and is one of the few that I used in a real overclocking system where I pushed an RTX 2080 Super and Core i9 10900k to a short lived HWBOT first place.  Throughout that test the PSU was extremely solid and only activated the cooling fan while the benchmark was running.

    The same PSU can be seen here with a custom cable kit to better match the shorter proximity from PSU to motherboard in the NCORE 100. 

    Each of the cables are individually separated and coated in a soft texture to provide the appearance of cloth sleeving without actually being sleeved. 

    The Cooler Master V SFX 850 is a fully modular PSU and comes with several cables pre-installed including the main 24-Pin ATX power, CPU Power and a new 90-degree 12VHPWR connector that has started to come as a standard option across many Cooler Master Power supplies.

    You will find additional power cables in the accessory box.  These include three PCI Express power connectors for more traditional graphics cards and a single SATA power cable with two connectors for standard SATA SSDs.

    I mentioned the cable texture, which you can see in these detail photos and in some of the interior shots of the CM NCORE 100.