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  • Cooler Master Masterbox Q500L Case Review
  • Cooler Master Masterbox Q500L Case Review


    Case Layout and Features

    As was mentioned before the MasterBox Q500L is a mid tower case design that really pushes the limit when it comes to using the internal space.  The case is a bit of a square box that is just tall enough to hold a full sized ATX motherboard which allows the case to keep the overall height to a minimum.  

    The design also allows you the ability to change "how" you build in the case.  For instance you can have the case sitting vertical allowing the window to face left (like the photos below) or you can lay the case flat and have the window facing up.  Cooler Master includes feet for both configurations.

    Cooler Master includes a set of magnetic fan filters with a geometric pattern printed on them.  As an added bonus we were able to get a special set with the Hardware Asylum "Flame Guy" as a bonus for visiting Cooler Master during CES 2019.

    The logo didn't get printed correctly but I'm not going to complain.

    From the back you can see a pretty traditional ATX layout. If you choose a Mini-ITX installation you can sacrifice the last set of slots to move the power supply to the traditional bottom spot.  This option really opens up the case for larger components or a serious water-cooling setup.

    If you want to convert the Q500L to be a desktop style case you need only remove the four large feet from the “bottom” of the case.  The back panel already has rubber stoppers installed allowing the case to sit nicely on its back allowing you to install the magnetic dust filters on all three sides.