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  • Deepcool CH510 Mesh Digital Case Review
  • Deepcool CH510 Mesh Digital Case Review


    Mesh Digital Display and Conclusion

    One of the defining features of the CH510 Mesh Digital is the digital monitor attached to the front bezel.  While this is a unique feature to this particular chassis it is not unique within the Deepcool product lines and you’ll eventually start to find it on many of their high-end aircoolers and AIOs.

    The screen is pretty simple and will show you the CPU temperature along with the relative system load.  Here you’ll see the idle and load temperatures of our Intel 13900K currently on the test bench.   The 100c temperature is accompanied by 5 solid blocks that disappear as the temperature drops.

    To make this work you need to connect the panel to an open USB header on your motherboard and install the Deepcool Digital software.  This runs as a taskbar service with only a few simple controls.  I would expect this software offering to expand as the Deepcool digital product offerings improve.


    The Deepcool CH510 Mesh Digital is designed to be a reduced cost computer chassis.  This can be seen in the metal used during the construction and distinct lack of cooling fans included with the case and no provisions for vertical GPU mounting.  However, while it may be inexpensive it does feature a number of redeeming qualities that can make your build rather interesting.

    As I mentioned early in this article, I tend to look at computer cases from a modding perspective and often talk about changes I would make or things that can be done to the case to improve the looks and/or functionality.  The Deepcool CH510 Mesh Digital is unique in this regard given that it comes with so little, which makes it a pretty good base for “true” modding without the guilt that you are wasting features from the original design.

    For instance, this chassis supports up to nine 120mm cooling fans and all are viewable either through tempered glass or through the mesh panels.  Given that RGB lighted fans are still pretty popular you can have a pretty amazing light show.  The area behind the front bezel is very open giving you an opportunity for additional RGB strips if needed.

    The ample mesh and removable mesh panel in the bezel are prime locations for custom paint and the easy to remove tempered glass panel removes the need to cut any additional holes.

    My only real complaint is the thickness of the chassis metal.  Thinner metals tend to rattle and while many of the edges are folded to provide additional strength, they do flex quite a bit from the ample perforated mesh used throughout.   Both the top and front fan mounting positions are completely flat to reduce the overall chassis footprint but, doesn’t help in the structural rigidity department.

    Finally, I do like the Digital display however it is currently limited to showing only the Deepcool logo and current system temperatures.  Sadly no options to show animated GIF images, or custom graphics making the primary feature of this case somewhat limited in how useful it is.

    Good Things

    Lots of Fan Locations
    Digital Temperature Display
    Magnetic Dust Filters
    Toolless Tempered Glass

    Bad Things

    Limited options with digital display
    Metal is kinda flexy
    Only comes with one fan

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    Deepcool CH510 Mesh Digital Case Review