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  • Deepcool CH510 Mesh Digital Case Review
  • Deepcool CH510 Mesh Digital Case Review


    Case Layout and Features

    The Deepcool CH510 Mesh Digital is an upgraded revision of the Deepcool CH510 to include a programmable temperature monitor in the front bezel.  Most everything else about the case is nearly identical including the color options, tempered glass side panel and overall system and component support.

    Turning the case around you will find a decorative mesh pattern stamped into the bottom back panel.  While this appears decorative it also serves as an air intake for the PSU shroud mounted fans and resembles a similar pattern used on many other Deepcool products and accessories.

    The rear panel of the CH510 Mesh Digital is fully vented with a very open square mesh stamped into the metal providing cooling access to the included 120mm fan along with free airflow for expansion cards and any excess internal air pressure.

    One of the defining features of the CH510 Mesh Digital is the digital display located at the top of the front bezel.  The screen is protected behind a clear plastic panel and measures 1.5” inches square.

    This is a USB powered panel and run by the Deepcool Digital software available on their website.

    Front panel controls are located at the top right corner of the chassis and include a large power button, Type-C USB connection, analog dual pole audio and microphone jack, Single Type-A USB connection and surprisingly large reset button.

    I don’t normally comment on the front panel connections however, the placement and size of the reset button should have been reconsidered given the proximity to the most common type of USB connection and how it is just begging to be clicked when connecting “anything” to the USB port.