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  • Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ATX Tempered Glass Edition Case Review
  • Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ATX Tempered Glass Edition Case Review


    EVOLV Case Cooling

    The Enthoo EVOLV comes with three 140mm fans.  Two are located at the front of the case and covered by a full length fan filter while the third is located at the back of the case in the traditional exhaust location.  Each location supports 120mm and 140mm fans and can be relocated along the slotted mounts as needed.

    Venting for the Enthoo EVOLV ATX is provided in a variety of ways including a large hexagonal mesh stamped into the back panel and large vents on the expansion slots.  The front panel is slightly restrictive requiring air to filter around the panel but is still very open.

    The top of the case supports up to three 120mm fans and might also have the smallest vents of the ones found on this case.  For the most part the top panel is sealed to the case but is vented at both ends with mesh covered vents along the sides.  Given the volume a 360mm radiator can handle this amount of venting seems for performance applications.

    PWM Fan Controller

    PWM fans are the best way to keep your system cool.  They not only react better to changes to system load and temperature but can also be tuned with adjustable fan curves.  On most motherboards you get one fan per fan header leaving you with constant rate case fans.

    The Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV comes with a PWM Fan Hub that will take an individual PWM fan signal and multiply it across all of the available fan locations in the case.  It does require external power but is an excellent solution to controlling system noise.