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  • Metallicgear Neo Micro Aluminum Case Review
  • Metallicgear Neo Micro Aluminum Case Review



    It is pretty amazing when a high-end case manufacturer takes on the down-market head on.  The down-market, or what some call “normal consumers” is a very particular group when it comes to what they spend money on.  Some go for cases with 200 drive bays (because they have two drives but, may want to buy more in the future (hint: they never do)).  Or, they want exotic cooling because some techTuber told them cases without front vents are garbage.  Whatever their kink is for choosing a product they will always want more, and never use it.

    In this review we will be looking at the Metallicgear Neo Micro.  Metallicgear is a brand we were introduced to during Computex and while most of the press (and videos) were focused on the new Phanteks Evolv X there was an entire room dedicated to Metallicgear and reasons behind launching a new brand.   

    Many who are experts in their field often say "it is lonely at the top" which indicates a lack of competition or desire to compete in the market.  Phanteks is very particular with their products and while many designs vary depending on the internals there is considerable effort spent to ensure that add-on parts are available.  These parts allow consumers to expand their system without having to re-invest into a new computer case.  This is one of the reasons they are leaders in the niche chassis market and Metallicgear products are no exception.  On the surface the cases are built using a basic Phanteks case parts and the Neo  brings with it tempered glass side panels and thick aluminum top and front bezels.