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  • NZXT Phantom Case Review



    Custom case designs have come a long way in recent years and have slowly migrated from mediocre and low cost designs to well planned works of art.  Sadly many of the designs are still dictated by cost where they try to pack the most stuff into a low cost chassis.  However the really unique designs tend to surface when costs are set aside and the designer is allowed to build a quality case that requires no modifications and does its job well. 

    In this review we will be looking at the Phantom Case from NZXT.  This chassis is part of the Crafted Series designed for high performance cooling and expandability.  The case comes in one of three color combinations, White, Black and Red with each case featuring black accent pieces that cover the fans and complement the overall design.  The Phantom is a very unique chassis that uses additional plastic panels to give the case depth while it creates negative spaces to aid in cooling and visual appeal. 

    We like to look at a chassis reviews from a casemodders perspective which will look beyond the basic things like if a motherboard will fit and concentrate on things such as overall construction, cooling options, and style.  The rest you should be able to glean from the spec sheet or photos in this review.
    Overall we can see that the NZXT Phantom is not your standard beige box but rather a very ornate case that is using angles to help accent the design.  Both panels feature mesh covered vents with some covering fan placements while others serve as exhaust or intake ports.