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  • be quiet! Shadow Base 800 DX Review
  • be quiet! Shadow Base 800 DX Review


    Case Layout and Features

    The Base 800 series cases are a larger mid-tower design.  This 550 x 247 x 552mm (about 21.65 x 9.72 x 21.73in) with the optional stands installed. This gives us compatibility for motherboards from Mini-ITX to E-ATX.

    A large tempered glass panel dominates the left-hand side giving visibility to the entire build.  The small white frame almost disappears visually! This panel is held in place by a set of black thumb screws.

    The back and right sides of the case are much more traditional. It features only a single 140mm Pure Wings 3 fan and 7 vented expansion slot covers.

    Front panel controls are located at the top of the case and consist of a single large power button in the center, a set of analog audio connections and a RGB controller to the right. Three USB ports flank to the left: One USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port and two USB 3.0 Type-A ports

    The large magnetic filter on top can be removed to reveal support for three 120mm or three 140mm fans not included.  This means a radiator setup up to 420mm is an option.

    The front panel has an offset of about 38mm (about 1.5 inches). Some airflow is possible through the two black side filters but they are largely decorative as you will see below.  The center mesh does allow good airflow to the front cooling.

    Snapping the front panel off also reveals the contacts for the front LED light accents. This is a nice way to prevent possible damage to any LED connectors most case designs use.  A nice touch!

    With the front panel off we can access the front filter. This fine mesh filter is hinged on the left and uses a magnet to fasten the right side.

    This additional filter is washable and completely covers the front cooling mounts.

    Removing the side panels gives a good look at the inside of the tempered glass panel.  This window is huge and covers the entire external surface.  The glass is surface mounted and quite heavy.

    While the Shadow Base 800 DX may be targeted at gamers, the right panel is clearly a be quiet! special. Sound deadening foam covers the inside surface.  Combining this foam with the thicker glass goes a long way towards keeping sound isolated inside the chassis.