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  • Silverstone Raven RVX01 Case Review
  • Silverstone Raven RVX01 Case Review


    Case Construction and System Installation

    Like all Silverstone cases the construction is extremely good with quality connections at every corner.  Something that you won’t see in photos is how heavy or light a particular chassis is since it is normally determined by the type and amount of metal used in its construction.

    The Raven RVX01 is not very heavy and almost feels like a budget case, that is until you realize that the material used is their standard metal but with literally enough to create a box and motherboard tray.

    RVX01 supports a variety of motherboards from MiniITX up to the standard ATX.  This size limitation will hinder most enthusiasts from building in such a small case however, the size the format work out perfectly for any mid-range gaming system with 2-way SLI and Crossfire setups.

    To keep the case as compact as possible the motherboard is pushed right up against the case edges with only a minimal air gap between the top of the motherboard and PSU.  This will limit your options when it comes to front mounted fans and radiators when using a full sized motherboard.

    The area at the bottom of the case is quite large and completely hidden behind the support bracket.  Given the absence of space behind the motherboard this is also where all of your PSU and drive cables will reside and may be further reduced when using AIO cooling solutions.

    Raven cases are designed to be extremely efficient air coolers using the “positive air pressure” principle that reduces dust acumination by eliminating lower pressure areas inside the case.  The design works best when the airflow though the case is unobstructed leading me to believe that radiator support was added due to the prevalence of high quality AIO coolers over the actual need to have them.

    This is especially prevalent after installing a MSI Z170 Gaming motherboard and looking at what is left over.