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  • Thermaltake Tower 200 with LCD Review
  • Thermaltake Tower 200 with LCD Review


    Case Layout and Features

    Thinking of the Tower 200 as a Mini-ITX case may lead you to think this case is tiny.  At 537 x 300 x 280 mm (21.14 x 11.8 x 11 inch) this case lives up to its Tower name.

    The 200 has the same distinctive look as its bigger siblings but only has the single window up front. This 280x 394 (11 X 15.5 Inch) window is lightly tinted and latches at the top with a soft push latch.

    Even in this Mini layout larger components fit with room to spare. The Tower 200 can accommodate video cards up to a GTX 4090 GPU (280mm with power cover and 380mm without), CPU coolers up to 200mm and radiators up to 280mm.

    Controls are on the angled top panel making it easy to access things from both a desk and floor installation. The controls from left to right: Power and activity lights, power switch, reset, HD audio I/O, two USB 3.2 and a USB 3.2 (Gen 2) port.

    The sides may not be glass but ample venting is a good substitute. Both of the side panels are protected by a removeable, fine mesh filter.

    The top panel is removable providing access to the top via the same push lock system.  This gives access to all of the external expansion slots and cabling.

    Like its bigger siblings, the Tower 200 moves the motherboard mounting 90 degrees to aim the expansion slots towards the top.  This cleans up the aesthetics and routes the cabling out the slot in the top back.