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  • Thermaltake Tower 200 with LCD Review
  • Thermaltake Tower 200 with LCD Review


    Case Interior and cooling

    Popping off the top panel allows the two remaining sides to be removed giving easy access to the main components without any pesky tools.

    The tower 200 only comes with two 140mm Thermaltake fans preinstalled.  Both are TT-1425 models and are located in the back and top exhaust locations.  The removable bracket on the right side will hold an additional set of Fans in 120 or 140mm sizes but you will be better served by a 240 or 280mm radiator for this location.

    Looking up at the top you will find the mini-ITX expansion slots, only three, located next to the included to 140mm fan.  A 120mm could be mounted here if desired.  The cables run out the top and back keeping thing snice and tidy inside.

    Storage drives are mounted across the back panel with support for two 3.5” drives or 2 2.5” SSDs. An additional set of two 2.5” drives can be mounted in the bottom on the right side. Both of those rear drive bays can also hold fans giving additional cooling options.

    Each of the sides has an additional removable mesh filter to keep the air as clean as possible.  Even the three smaller side panels can be removed to give ample access to the basement area.

    Here is a closer look at the power supply mounts. Most standard-size power supplies will fit with a maximum length of 220mm.

    The rear panel is a bit different with less venting to focus exhaust air out using the included 140mm fan. As you can see a second 140mm fan or a change to two 120mmfans is available. A magnetic exterior filter covers both fan slots.

    One last fan location is available in the power cover to support another 120 or 140mm fan.