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  • Cooler Master X6 Elite Heatsink Review
  • Cooler Master X6 Elite Heatsink Review


    Heatsink Installation

    Cooler Master is one of the few companies that doesn't use riser plates to install their heatsinks.  Instead they opt to use a series of universal brackets that screw directly to the heatsink base and then attach directly to the motherboard.  In terms of difficulty we feel this system falls into the medium category depending on your level of dexterity.  

    Below you will find all of the installation parts that come with the X6 Elite.  In the kit you will find three sets of mounting hardware.  The unified plate is for AMD installs whereas the individual rails fit all Intel systems from 775 up to 1155/6 and 1366.  For those of you with the new LGA2011 platform there is a special railset that attaches the heatsink directly to the threaded socket system.
    First you need to install the appropriate rail for your particular system.  We will be testing on 1155 so we have to use the medium sized Intel rails.  Install both sides and adjust the mounting screws to the notch that matches your system.  For 1155 that would be the middle position.

    Due to the size of the heatsink you should do a trial fit to determine the best way to install the cooler, we choose to face the heatsink with the fan in the vertical position and would be our recommendation for most systems.
    Once you have determined the heatsink orientation you are ready to install the heatsink but first you will want to apply some thermal compound.  We prefer the 5 dot method with a dab in the illustrated configuration.

    To secure the heatsink you will need to install the included metal back plate and secure the entire unit with the included nuts.  The one thing we hate about this installation method is balancing everything while you install that first nut. 
    We do all of our heatsink testing outside of a chassis and were able to use the motherboard to hold everything in place.  However, had this system already been installed in a case you would need to hold the heatsink in place with one hand, hold the back plate with another and then find two more hands to secure the nut in place.

    Clearances are a bit tight when it comes to memory support so be sure to check your module height before installing the X6 Elite.

    When you are finished make sure to install the fan header.