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  • Corsair RX120 RGB Fan Starter Pack Review
  • Corsair RX120 RGB Fan Starter Pack Review



    When you think of fans you often think of the classics.  CPU Fans, Radiator Fans, Case fans, OnlyFans, GPU Fans and Box fans and, generally, speaking they are designed to move things from one place to another.  I have been rather reserved when it comes to fans feeling it is important that you pick the right one for a particular purpose.  For instance, a standard case fan should move a decent amount of air but doesn’t need to have a pressure design while fans for an AIO radiator need extra power to work correctly, both to cool the radiator and to prevent backwash and excessive noise.

    I never considered that a fan could simply be a decoration, and while that is not a focus of this review it does bring up an interesting point about RGB light shows and, how best to populate a system to ensure that you get maximum lighting without the issues that accompany excessive fan usage.

    In this review we will be looking at the Corsair RX120 RGB Starter Kit.  This is a 3-pack of RX120 120mm RGB fans with a unique system for simplifying fan installation.  The fan pack comes with everything you will need to get started along with provisions for expanding your ecosystem using the popular iCUE lighting and control system.

    Starting with the fans, the Corsair RX120 featured in this review comes with a black frame and translucent white centers.  These fans are available in both White and Black frames and 120mm and 140mm sizes.

    Flipping the fans over you will find an interesting and extremely familiar set of stator vanes built into the frame.  These are designed to help direct exhaust airflow.  Generally speaking these vanes do work extremely well but, require a certain volume of air to be effective, otherwise they are just bits of plastic holding the motor in place.

    Along two of the edges you will find translucent windows.  These are decorative parts designed to emit a bit of edge lighting.  One side features a white Corsair logo while the other is clean.  Personally, I feel the choice to use white for the logo text was the wrong decision.  Sure, it stands out when the fans are off but, also gets lost when the lights are on.  Of course, that could have been the intent but, begs the question as to why it is on there to being with.

    One nice thing about these covers is that they can be removed.  Their removal allows builders to reposition the logo to read in the correct orientation or, can be swapped for the non-logo side.  Or, if you are feeling cheeky, they can be removed completely reveling the much cleaner inner window near the fan blades.