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  • DeepCool Assassin 4S Dual Tower Heatsink Review
  • DeepCool Assassin 4S Dual Tower Heatsink Review



    There is an interesting formula when it comes to aircooling, and not this hybrid water air pump combo cooling but, the true processor to metal to air heat exchange that less experienced and timid pc builders tend to gravitate to.  You see, aircooling has gotten extremely efficient over the years, so much that there is very little you can do to actually increase performance but, you can do plenty to increase efficiency.  Or, in the case of this product, use efficiency to your advantage. 

    In this review we will be looking at the DeepCool Assassin 4S.  This is effectively a dual tower CPU cooler with a center mounted fan.  We have seen designs like this before in the DeepCool AK620 and AK620 Digital.  The only major difference is that the Assassin 4S is slightly bigger, comes with a refined outward appearance and only needs a single cooling fan.

    DeepCool has been experimenting with dual tower for quite a while.  I was first introduced back in 2013 with the DeepCool Gamer Storm Assassin which was riding the design trend established by Noctua with their popular NH-D14 and NH-D15 dual tower heatsinks.

    The Assassin 4S has a very square appearance where the sides feature a smooth finish with the section between the towers having a fine pitch mesh.   Across the back you will find a “cheeze grater” finish comprised of tooth like projections whereas the front side features a nice mosaic pattern of alternating squares.

    You will find a total of seven 6mm heatpipes that are center mounted across the coldplate.  These pipes are then distributed across the radiator in different pattens.  The pipes entering the front radiator are in a vertical line while the pipes at the back have a staggered pattern.  Overall this makes sense given that the rear radiator is considerably wider than the front.

    I have said many times that the position of a heatpipe is very important for cooler efficiency and turbulent air is the key for effective heat transfer and both are present with this cooler design.

    When looking through the radiator you can get an idea of the heatpipe distribution and will notice that a good majority of them are grouped near the edges where air pressure is the highest.

    You will find the center mounted 140mm cooling fan under a removable mesh plate located at the top of the heatsink.  This panel is held in plate with magnets and does an excellent job at hiding the fan while completing the overall look.

    The 140mm cooling fan features a fluid dynamic bearing with a speed range between 500 and 1800rpm pushing 61cfm running at full tilt.  The Assassin 4S comes with as built in quiet mode speed limiter that will reduce the maximum fan speed down to 1450rpm and reducing the airflow to 48cfm. 

    Maximum noise is 29dBA

    Fan modes are controlled by a tiny switch found on the top of the heatsink.  When the performance fan mode is activated the DeepCool logo, located to the left, will illuminate.