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  • SilverStone IceMyst 420 AIO Watercooling Review
  • SilverStone IceMyst 420 AIO Watercooling Review



    When watercooling first became popular there was a massive land rush to come up with innovative solutions that offered the best performance.  At the time, watercooling was used primarily as an overclocking tool and was later adopted into what we see today due to how quiet a watercooled system could be.  One of the less talked about byproducts of watercooling was the lack of airflow over motherboard components.  You see, motherboard makers had assumed that the air moving from the CPU cooler would provide some extra cooling for onboard components such as VRM and Chipset coolers.  When you remove that source of cooling you can actually have stability issues, especially under overclocking loads.

    In this review we will be looking at the IceMyst 420 from SilverStone.  This is a very innovative AIO cooler which can solve the issue of motherboard and system cooling in a very creative way that is not only effective but, also stylish.

    As with all AIO watercoolers the IceMyst 420 is comprised of a pump block and radiator combo.  Most modern AIO coolers feature braided rubber hoses and the ones featured on the IceMyst are large diameter to prevent kinks and provide efficient liquid transport at a length of 460mm

    The majority of AIO coolers on the market feature support for 120mm fans which can be troublesome when it comes to building out systems using the larger 140mm versions.  This is where the iceMyst 420 shines, the large 420mm radiator supports triple 140mm fans for extra RGB and cooling capacity.

    When it comes to specifications, the iceMyst fans are similar to the 140mm fan found on the Argon V140 with a speed range between 400 – 1750 RPM pushing 93 CFM @ 30.8 dBA when running at full speed.  These new fans are fully enclosed to increase static pressure and offer dual mounting holes ideally, to fit different radiator configurations.

    Unlike a traditional fan, the tails have been replaced with a single 8-pin socket to control fan operations and make cable management much easier. 

    Included Hardware

    SilverStone has always been good when it comes to hooking up your devices.  For the iceMyst 420 you’ll get mounting hardware for all major processor platforms.

    You’ll also get some cables and adapters to properly connect your cooler.  A 4-pin Molex to fan adapter to supply 12v power to the system, you’ll also get a dedicated ARGB controller if your motherboard doesn’t support RGB or for when you want to avoid the motherboard option.