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  • Silverstone Tundra TD02-E Watercooler Review
  • Silverstone Tundra TD02-E Watercooler Review


    Cooler Installation

    Installing the Tundra TD02-E is extremely easy and the universal mounting hardware will allow the process to be the same on all platforms from AMD to the latest Intel sockets.  On most platforms you will need to use the included backplate and build up a mounting base for the pump block.  On LGA 2011 the process is a little easier.

    The first step will be to locate the threaded risers and install them into the heatsink mounting holes around the CPU socket.  These are 4mm threaded holes so be sure to match up the proper end.

    Normally the next step is to install mounting rails but the thick aluminum brackets on the pump block take care of that.  At this point you can apply some thermal paste and prepare to install the pump block.

    The cooling fans will need to be installed using the included screws.  You can install them in a push configuration like what we have or a pull by having them pull air though the heatsink.   Pull is usually more efficient even though push is illustrated in the instruction manual.

    Final step is to install the pump block.  You basically align the mounting brackets over the posts and secure it down using the threaded spring nuts.  Install all four corners with a turn each and screw them each down one turn at a time in a cross pattern.    We only did about 5 turns to each screw.