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  • Thermal Hero Thermal Compound Review



    There was a time when I would chase thermal perfection.  This was early in my time being a PC Hardware Enthusiast and often bought into the “hype” that cooler temps were a good thing.  What I learned during those years has been invaluable going forward.  It sent me on a path to design my own CPU waterblock and allowed me to experiment with different cooling methods.  It also enabled me to make accurate cooler recommendations to those who asked.

    I also learned the value of picking the right thermal compound for the job and how to apply said compound for accurate and repeatable results.

    In this review we will be looking at an entire line of Thermal Interface Material (TIM) from Thermal Hero.

    Thermal Hero is an international German based company who is leveraging their 25 years of experience to develop high quality thermal paste and cooling solutions for the retail and industrial space.  This article will be looking at their top five thermal products with some light testing to compare performance.

    What is Thermal Compound?

    When applying heatsinks to “anything” there will always be a gap between the heat source and heatsink.  In certain situations, this gap doesn’t matter however, when the thermal loads fluctuate or, when items can be damaged from excessive heat it is important to ensure that the heat is removed quickly.

    Optimal contact is measued by surface area where more is better.  In overclocking we will often “lap” (sanding flat and polishing) our processors and heatsinks to increase the surface contact because a direct connection is always the best connection.  This is also why many overclockers will remount their coolers multiple times to ensure a good connection is made.

    We use Thermal compounds, Thermal Interface Material or Thermal Paste to bridge the gap between a heat source and heatsink.  These compounds are thermally conductive and will help increase the performance of your heatsink by removing the air gap between the surfaces.  These compounds will not replace a quality heatsink and cannot deliver thermal performance beyond your thermal solution but go a long way to enhance the process.

    Simply put, your heatsink will work just fine without thermal paste although adding it will increase the overall efficiency.  You cannot turn an air cooler into the performance of a watercooler but it can ensure that your aircooler is working the best it can.

    This is where quality thermal compound comes in and how picking the right compound can deliver amazing results that will last the lifetime of the component.

    For more information on Thermal Hero and the products in this review please check out their website.  https://thermalhero.com/