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  • Aorus Thunder M7 MMO Gaming Mouse and Thunder P3 Gaming Mouse Pad Review
  • Aorus Thunder M7 MMO Gaming Mouse and Thunder P3 Gaming Mouse Pad Review


    Testing and Conclusion

    Aorus M7 Testing

    I tested the Aorus M7 Thunder mouse for a couple of weeks to really get the feel for it as I am not much of a MMO player.  After breaking in the Borderlands Prequel and killing of a solid Double XP weekend in Battlefield 4 I feel I can confidently report on the M7 as a gaming mouse.

    Using the M7 with the P3 at the office has really shown how comfortable the setup can be for a daily driver.  I found the palm shape comfortable even for 8 hour plus work sessions followed by stress releasing evening gaming.  The lower thumb buttons are some of the best I have used both easy to feel and responsive.  I even found myself working in some of the other keys for lesser functions like reload and grenade throws.


    Thanks to purpose driven mice like Aorus’s M7 Thunder we may still see a day when no one remembers when a mouse was simply something that came with your PC.  I can firmly recommend that you replace you flimsy OEM mouse with a M7 as soon as you have the means.  For MMO and other gaming needs the M7 is fully customizable and ready for any configuration you could need.  Your game will improve and the ergonomics will hold you over on a long work day.

    As for the Thunder P3 Gaming Mouse Pad.  I am not sure everyone needs a desktop replacement size mouse pad, but if you do, you should get a P3.  Fortunately the Aorus P3 comes on standard and larger sizes as well.  No one should have a dirty old mouse pad on the desk.  Do yourself a favor and upgrade your game.

    Good Things

    Most customizable mouse I have used to date.
    Very comfortable for palm grip users.
    Fully adjustable 8200 DPI engine.
    Unique windowed design.

    Bad Things

    Surface wear is a risk.
    Right handed design only.
    Software is icon based and not as intuitive.
    Customization can be overwhelming.

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