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  • Cooler Master MK770 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review
  • Cooler Master MK770 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review



    Cooler Master has been steadily expanded their line of award-winning gaming peripherals for quite some time and while they are offering a 30th Anniversary model of the popular MK721 gaming keyboard we will be looking at something a bit more unique: the new Cooler Master MK770 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard.

    What’s unique about another MK series keyboard? How about a hybrid wireless system. Not enough? How about a full gasket structure design.  Ok, how about we cross all of that with a classic French pastry!

    That’s right, today we will be looking at the latest MK770 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard design in an eye-catching Macaron color scheme. For those of you not so bold in your color choices, the MK700 can also be purchased in a more traditional Space Grey color scheme. While, both can be had with a selection of Kailh Box V2 Linear Switches.

    Our sample comes with the Kailh Box V2 Linear White Switches.  These switches were first released in May of 2022 and are just now hitting their stride with the major manufacturers!

    Let’s see what else makes this cookie tick! 

    • Kailh Box V2 Linear White Switches
    • Hot-Swappable Switches
    • Gasket Structure
    • Tactile 3-Way Dial
    • Wireless Bluetooth 2.4 GHz
    • PBT double-shot keycaps
    • Customizable RGB

    Product Number:

    • Macaron: MK-770-MCKR1/W1/M1-**
    • Space Gray: MK-770-GKKR1/W1/M1-**

    Keyboard Switch Type: Kailh Box V2 Switch

    Keyboard Keycaps: PBT Double-shot Keycap (US/TC), ABS Paint & Laser-engraved Keycap (Other layout)

    Layout: ANSI: 98Key layout, ISO: 99Key layout

    Keyboard Material: ABS

    Keyboard Color:

    • Macaron
    • Space Gray

    Keyboard LED Color: RGB, 16.7 million colors

    Keyboard Polling Rate: 1000Hz (Wired/2.4GHz Mode), 125Hz (Bluetooth Mode)

    Keyboard Response Time: 1ms

    Keyboard On-board Memory: 128 KB

    Keyboard On-the-fly System: Yes

    Keyboard Multimedia Key: Through Function Key (FN)


    • Wired, 2.4 GHz
    • Bluetooth 5.1

    Charging: Support Wired charging

    Battery: 4000mah

    Compatible OS:

    • Windows 8+
    • Mac OS X 10.10+
    • Android
    • iOS

    Software Support: MasterPlus+ Support

    Keyboard Connector Cable:

    • USB Type-C (Keyboard Side)
    • USB 2.0 Type A (Computer Side)
    • Keyboard Cable: 1.8m, USB Type-C Detachable & Coiled Braided

    Keyboard Dimensions (L x W x H):

    • Standard: 380.89 x 140.42 x 38.74mm
    • Feet Open 1: 380.89 x 140.42 x 42.9mm
    • Feet Open 2: 380.89 x 140.42 x 45.51mm

    Keyboard Weight: 1052g / 2.319 lbs. (without cable)

    Choosing your mechanical keyboard often boils down to identifying what type of Mechanical switch you like the most. This MK770 uses the latest Kailh Box V2 White Switches. The Whites are a clicky switch that is compatible with hot-swap keyboards and gaming mechanical keyboards. They are smoother and quieter than the typical Reds with a very noticeable tactile bump at the point of activation.

    Cooler Master has come a long way from their 1992 beginnings as a heat sink manufacturer.  Today Cooler Master is an industry leader offering a wide range of Custom PC coolers, cases, peripherals and more.  Odds are pretty good any custom built or boutique PC will have Cooler Master parts under the hood.