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  • Cooler Master MK770 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review
  • Cooler Master MK770 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review


    Cooler Master MK770 Layout and Features

    You have many smaller keyboard form factors to choose from these days but the 96% form factor or Compact style, shown here, combines the reduced footprint with the most practical layout.  This style is sometimes confused with a 98% keyboard setup because it has 98 keys. With the 96% size you give up the function keys, navigation keys and any other extras in favor of a smaller footprint with the keys pressed together to save space.

    Love it or hate it, there is no denying the Macaroon color scheme is an eye-catcher! The keys are colored in logical groupings to aid in visual identification. The dual-colored roller at the top right can be programmed as a multifunction control.

    The keycaps are all doubleshot PBT keycaps for superior durability.  The MK770 comes with a keycap removal tool that will also assist with removing the switches for further customization.

    Under the surface, Cooler Master has built in a full gasket system to improve your typing experience. Two different rubber gaskets sandwich the PCB stabilizing and quieting the key strokes.

    Connectivity can be found on the back side with a USB Type-C connector. The switch to the side allows you to toggle between the two wireless options or turn them off completely by selecting the USB option. Wireless options are 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth 5.1.

    1.8 meter (~6 foot) detachable and coiled braided USB cable is included in white.  I love a detachable cable as it keeps the most common failure point from totaling a great keyboard.

    A set of four white rubber feet helps hold the keyboard firmly in place.  The extra weight (1052g / 2.319 lbs. (without cable)) required to support the wireless functionality provides a pretty firm foundation.

    The height can be adjusted up by two levels to match your favorite typing condition.  Hidden away in the left foot well is the USB dongle for wireless connectivity.