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  • Cooler Master MK770 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review
  • Cooler Master MK770 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review


    Cooler Master MK770 Software and Conclusion


    As with all modern Cooler Master products, the MK770 uses the popular Master Plus software suite. This suite combines all Cooler Master products into a single location.  For this review I will concentrate on the keyboard specific tools available. Installed is Version 1.9.4.

    The software opens full screen with some default controls across the top. Selecting your MK700 switches the top controls to the keyboard specific tabs: Wireless, Lighting, Key Mapping, Macros and Profiles.

    Controls are pretty intuitive and can be saved to specific profiles. 128 KB of onboard memory means you can take your setting with you when the cord is cut.

    Lighting can be controlled across all compatible devices from the main menu or from the keyboard specific lighting menu. The lighting options are very visible RGB in the usual 16.7 million color options.


    I have been using the Cooler Master MK770 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard as my daily driver for over a week and find it easily meets my needs for both work and gaming.  Choosing an 96% keyboard design means your compromises are pretty manageable making the adjustment period much easier than the tenkeyless keyboards it competes with.

    The Kailh Box V2 Switches feel softer than my ROG Strix Scope NX TKL Moonlight White’s ROG NX keys.  If anything, the Kailh switches are smoother and quieter than the classic Reds I have used.

    For gaming I quickly adapted to the formfactor and found no negatives to my FPS experience.  The subtle clicking faded to a comforting background noise and the tactile feel is very nice and predictable. I find the Kailh Box V2 whites may be my new favorites for a multipurpose key type.


    The Cooler Master MK770 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard May look a bit wild but I can confirm this keyboard is all business. I love the smaller footprint a 96% offers without loosing anything I use often. Pared with the wireless options, this keyboard is ready for just about anything you can throw at it.

    Build quality and gasket structure elevate this keyboard above the typical wireless keyboards at this price point.   Add the keycap and switch customization options and its simply difficult to recommend anything else for your portable keyboard needs.

    Good Things

    Wired and Wireless connectivity
    Kailh Box V2 Switches
    Detachable USB C Cable
    Vivid RGB Lighting
    Polarizing Color Choices

    Bad Things

    No Wrist Rest
    Software Only Opens Fullscreen
    No Height Adjustment
    Polarizing Color Choices

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    Cooler Master MK770 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review