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  • Cooler Master SK630 Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard Review
  • Cooler Master SK630 Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard Review


    Low Profile RGB Cherry MX Keys and Conclusion

    The new Cherry MX Low Profile switches do not disappoint.  Currently the SK630 only ships with the popular Cherry MX Reds. Despite their well-earned reputation for having a mechnical sound the Low Profile versions seemed quieter and definitely have a noticeable reduced 3.2mm travel distance and 1.2mm actuation point. The overall feel is snappier, more reactive than the full size version.

    I found the low profile switch design really started to shine after a few hours of breaking it in, of course with some hardcore gaming.

    The surface mounted RGB lighting pairs nicely with the brushed aluminum to provide a per-key level backlighting that looks fantastic. 

    Cooler Master allows you to control the 16.7 million color RGB light effects directly from the keyboard with no software required.  In fact nearly everything can be accessed directly from the hardware making the software installation optional. Lighting can be quickly picked from 9 different presets or programmed by RGB levels and stored in four different profiles. Everything from background/foreground effects to light speed settings can be configured.

    Macro support is also available via the software or directly from the keyboard hardware with 512KB of memory on board. And yes there are media controls too. All via the Cooler Master Function key.


    It’s a pretty amazing world where we take features like Hybrid key rollover for granted but, that makes finding something truly different in a keyboard so refreshing.  The Cooler Master SK630 really does perform as good as it looks and in a remarkably small footprint.  The small size is perfect for LAN Parties or other travel needs and the Cherry MX switches promise thousands of hours of dependable performance.

    Going small does mean there will be some sacrifices, like the wrist rest but, it does deliver everything we have grown to expect in a good mechanical keyboard. It just does it in a compact, low profile experience unlike anything else currently on the market. And if the tenkeyless design isn’t for you, the two other SK designs probably have you covered as well!

    Good Things

    Brushed Aluminum Surface
    Low Profile Cherry MX switches
    Detachable USB C Cable
    Vivid RGB Lighting
    Small Form Factor

    Bad Things

    No Wrist Rest
    No Indicator Lights
    No Height Adjustment