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  • CM Storm Trigger Gaming Keyboard Review
  • CM Storm Trigger Gaming Keyboard Review



    With today's high-end PC technologies rapidly outpacing the games many competitive gamers are looking elsewhere for the competitive edge they need.  Cooler Master has recognized that for gamers the keyboard and mouse are where the rubber hits the road.  Their CM Storm brand provides gamers and other enthusiasts with the absolute best in competitive input devices.

    Today we will be looking at the latest gaming keyboard in the CM Storm line, the Trigger. Cooler Master works with high profile professional gamers and enthusiasts through their eSports sponsorships to co-develop products like the Trigger at a military grade level.  The result is some of the most attractive and functional products on the market today.

    The CM Storm Trigger is the thrid keyboard in the lineup and, like its brothers in the Quick Fire models, it is a full mechanical keyboard based around the popular Cherry MX switches.  It comes in an attractive two tone black and grey color scheme accented by the bold red lighting found in all CM Storm products.
    The Trigger measures in at 18.7 x 6.5 x 0.98 inches (475 x 162 x 25 mm) making it somewhat smaller than my Thermaltake Challenger Pro and significantly smaller than my Logitech G15, both of which are favorites around the house, and only slightly larger than a traditional 101 key.  The difference in size is due mostly to the inclusion of just 5 programmable macro keys found along the left side.
    A detachable wrist rest makes the footprint much larger by adding almost 3.5 additional inches to the width.  I found the extra size appeared excessive at first but the Trigger is definitely not comfortable without it in place despite the larger footprint.  The wrist rest is coated in a nice non-slip rubber that works without distracting from use.