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  • EVGA Z10 Keyboard Review
  • EVGA Z10 Keyboard Review


    Z10 LED Display

    One of the biggest features of the EVGA Z10 is the integrated display.  This is a 20x4 LED display with a multi color backlight.  By default the display is red and displays the following information

    Selected Profile and Profile Name
    Mode Indicator
    Key Rollover Indicator

    Within the EVGA Z10 software you can configure your profile to hide certain features or even display data from other supported applications like EVGA Precision XOC.

    To enable XOC content you must select that application in the keyboard software and press apply.  This will trigger a firmware write to the keyboard which will then start looking for input from the software.

    Next you’ll need to open Precision XOC and select what settings you want to show.   This is done by selecting the KB LCD button.  At that point you should start seeing XOC information on the keyboard.  Based on my initial testing it does take awhile for data to refresh on the keyboard so if your benchmark or game causes the video card to change clocks you will not always get to see accurate numbers.

    The LED display is multi color while the keyboard backlights are limited to any color you want provided it is Red.