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  • The Ballistix Sport 3200Mhz Crazy Overclocking Adventure
  • The Ballistix Sport 3200Mhz Crazy Overclocking Adventure


    Module Overclocking Performance Results

    Ballistix Sport 32GB Kit Results

    From the start I was able to overclock the modules to 3800Mhz with no timing and no voltage.

    Sandra posted a Memory Bandwidth of 41.54GB/s

    The highest overclock was 4060Mhz.  Sadly, I was unable to get the system stable at 4133 so I did some low level tweaking to increase the BCLK to 105 and lowered the mulitpler so the CPU ended up running at 5.25Ghz.  This was how I could get a non-standard frequency and a little more performance.

    To reach 4060Mhz the timings were reduced to CL18-20-20-45 2T.  Lowering the timings any more did not increase the overclockability of the modules and it appeared to be the upper limit.  Despite this from a performance standpoint these were by far the fastest memory modules I have ever tested.

    Overall I was surprised at how well these modules scaled when it came to memory bandwidth.  Voltage adjustments had no impact on frequency or timing adjustments making the overclock rather straight forward.

    Firestirke Extreme @ 4060Mhz
    Overall: 6151
    Physics: 23728 @ 75.33FPS  

    Default @ 4.8Ghz (turbo)
    Overall: 6094
    Physics: 19539 @ 62.03FPS

    CPUz 4060Mhz

    The experience with the 16GB kit was different than with the 32GB kit and given what I have experienced with memory overclocking the lower capacity kit should clock much higher and offer better performance. 

    Starting out the first overclock without timing adjustments was 3733Mhz which was just one setting below the 32GB kit.

    Firestrike Extreme @ 3733Mhz
    Overall: 6147
    Physics: 22801 @ 72.38FPS

    Default @ 4.8Ghz (turbo)
    Overall: 6094
    Physics: 19539 @ 62.03FPS

    To go faster than 3733Mhz I lowered the timings and was able to increase performance to 4266Mhz.  This is when I noticed that the memory modules had stopped scaling.

    Timings: CL18-20-20-45 2T. 

    Sandra posted a score of 38.87GB/s (just 2GB/s faster than 3733Mhz)

    Firestrike Extreme @ 4266Mhz
    Overall: 6149
    Physics: 22861 @ 72.58FPS

    CPUz 4266Mhz
    CPUz 4533Mhz
    SiSoft Sandra