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  • Lexar Ares 7200Mhz RGB DDR5 Memory Review
  • Lexar Ares 7200Mhz RGB DDR5 Memory Review



    When it comes to the style of desktop UDIMMs we can find just about everything from bare PCBs up to elaborate heatspreader designs with RGB lights, integrated fans and bold colors.  Personally, I find some designs to be a little too much for a desktop computer.  For instance, a company can spend considerable time coming up with heatspreader design only to have most of it hidden once the module has been installed.  This makes the super complex designs somewhat unnecessary but, good from a product marketing standpoint.

    In this review we will be looking at the ARES DDR5 memory kit from Lexar.  This is a 32GB dual channel kit featuring a 7200Mhz speed grade and CAS Latency between 32 and 34 depending on the kit you pick up.  This is the RGB enabled kit designed for gamers and comes with a very stylish and simple heatspreader design.

    You can get the ARES RGB DDR5 in a variety of different speeds from 5600Mhz up to 7200Mhz like the ones featured in this review.  These will all be 32GB dual channel kits and are available with white or black heatspreaders.

    As mentioned, the heatspreader design is rather simple featuring a modest 44mm total height which makes them only slightly taller than a standard memory DIMM to accommodate the LED light bar.  This should easily clear any heatsink you plan to install.

    Along the edges of the light bar, you’ll find the ARES logo making them very distinctive in profile while offering no branding opportunities along the top edge which is normally viewable from outside the chassis.