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  • Patriot Viper Elite 5 48GB 6000Mhz DDR5 Memory Review
  • Patriot Viper Elite 5 48GB 6000Mhz DDR5 Memory Review



     In this review we looked at the Viper Gaming Elite 5 DDR5 Memory from Patriot.  This is a dual channel 48GB memory kit featuring pure white heatspreaders and can be purchased with or without RGB lights.  These modules are designed as a mainstream option to give users a chance to have the speed of DDR5 without the price tag of higher speed modules.

    The memory features a one-of-a-kind heatspreader design that is completely smooth and for modules with RGB you’ll find that the light bar extends the entire length of the module including a lighted notch featuring the Viper logo. 

    For those looking for classy memory for their “white out” builds you may want to give the Viper Elite 5 a look.

    When it comes to performance the Elite 5 modules did quite well with our benchmark tests and showed that a 1200Mhz overclock is possible with relaxed memory timings.  From an overclocking standpoint this does give you a number of performance tweaking options from XMP timing to frequency adjustments.  However, given the price, our overclocking performance results and out of box configuration I might suggest simply setting XMP and enjoying your build.

    The out of box configuration has these modules at 6000Mhz @ CL40 which is rather conservative when compared to the Viper Venom and Viper Xtreme modules that we recently reviewed. 

    So, why would you pick the Elite 5?? 
    In a word? Capacity.

    This kit is 48GB meaning that you’ll can get more capacity over the reference Venom modules which is actually one of the biggest performance boosts you can have in any modern system.  This is illustrated by our real world benchmark results showing that the Elite is faster than the Venom despite the frequency and timing advantages.  Beyond that you get a very unique heatspreader design that is perfect for those “pure white” system builds giving you a nice balance of color without causing too much distraction.

    Good Things

    One-of-a-Kind Heatspreader Design
    Clean White Color Theme
    Great Overlocking Headroom
    Higher Than Normal Capacity

    Bad Things

    Overclocking performance was less than expected
    High timings indicate the bin quality