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  • GSKill TridentX 2666Mhz CL11 Dual Channel Memory Review
  • GSKill TridentX 2666Mhz CL11 Dual Channel Memory Review



    Some people feel that overclocking is a highly complex matrix of voltages and timings but many are quick to forget that overclocking is all around us and can be purchased thru any of the retail channels.  While store bought overclocks may not have the same allure that you can get from high end extreme overclocking the end results are quite similar. 

    Consider this, Intel recommends that 1600Mhz memory be used with Ivy Bridge processors and will not warranty any damage if you are using anything faster.  Knowing this the 2133Mhz modules you can buy and even the 2666Mhz GSKill TridentX modules in this review are in fact overclocking your system.

    The GSKIll TridentX memory modules are designed for the Ivy Bridge platform and come with timings that closely match what the integrated memory controller needs.  We did have good success overclocking these modules but quickly found a frequency wall at 2740Mhz using the recommended 1.65v.  There was only a slight increase in performance from this overclock leading us to believe that only in the case of the most demanding of computation based benchmarks would we need modules like this.  (read: HWBot competitions and extreme overclocking applications.)
    Performance aside the TridentX modules are quite versitale by not only offering higher default frequencies but also having the user options.  The coolest of these isthe ability to remove the red heatsink across the top.  This becomes important when installing large aircoolers that overhang the memory area.  In the past you may have had to replace your memory modules or go with a different cooling solution but, with the TridentX you can gain an extra half an inch  by removing the heatsink which should alleviate many of the fitment problems associated with modern day air coolers.

    As a general rule you will see a significant performance increase whenever you can run your memory clock above the default 16x multiplier setting and is exactly what you will get from these modules.  GSKill TridentX modules are available in a variety of speeds ranging from 1600Mhz to 2800Mhz.  Timings and Kit Size vary so be sure to pick the proper modules for your particular system and be sure to consult your motherboard manual for compatibility.
    Good Things
    High Speed Memory Modules
    Solid Heatspreader
    Removable Heatsink
    Red and Black Colors
    "Bridge" Specific Memory
    Bad Things
    The screws holding the heatsink don't really screw into anything
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    GSKill TridentX 2666Mhz CL11 Dual Channel Memory Review

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