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  • Asus P8P67 Evo Motherboard Review
  • Asus P8P67 Evo Motherboard Review



    There are two things that often define an enthusiast system, product segmentation, and over indulgence on performance features.  Segmentation is typically defined by the manufacture either by slapping on a fancy name badge or adding so much extra stuff that it clearly couldn't be part of the mainstream line up.  The extra features, such as unique color schemes and extremely large PMWs, often complement the enthusiast quest to have bigger and better hardware but do they really define an enthusiast system? Or can you get the same with considerably less?

    Sandy Bridge has helped to define a new style of enthusiast system by providing top end performance for a fraction of cost.  Another benefit is lower overall power consumption, and let's face it enthusiast systems aren't running 100% all the time so why not save some power in the process.

    In this review we're going to be looking at a mainstream P67 motherboard offering from ASUS called the P8P67 Evo.  The Evo is a mid-level motherboard in the P8P67 lineup that is often referred to as the "sweet spot" where performance and features meet without costing too much.
    Sandy Bridge enabled motherboards come in all different styles, some are designed for overclocking and gaming while others take a simpler route and only provide what Intel recommends for the second generation Core i3, i5 and i7 processors.  When looking for a general purpose motherboard it is often best to look in the middle of these two offerings for a board that can satisfy your current needs but also gives you an upgrade path for things down the road.