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  • Gigabyte Fusion E350N USB3 Motherboard Review
  • Gigabyte Fusion E350N USB3 Motherboard Review



    There are two parts in concluding this review.  First we must consider AMD Fusion since that is the main reason for creating this product and second how do we rate Gigabyte in their solution to the E-350 problem.  

    In a word, Bravo.

    Clearly the E-350 isn't a desktop replacement in the enthusiast or gaming world and while it was rather unfair listing the system against a Clarkdale and HexCore Phenom the real point to the Fusion platform was uncovered.  The system is designed to give excellent video performance and is exactly what it has done.  The only downside is the lack of CPU power to really make the system shine.

    Gigabyte has also done a great job at building this MiniITX motherboard and has incorporated many of the features common to their products.   Ultra Durable 3 brings us things like the 2oz copper PCB and dual bios support and while they could have stopped there you'll find that the system is overclockable as well.

    How can you use a Fusion?

    As with any computer system you can adapt it to do just about anything.  The obvious choice would be a low powered and extremely quiet HTPC.  In terms of overall power the E-350 will have no problems serving up a Blu-ray movie or even acting as a media server for a home theater network.  I would caution against using RAID in those situations since linking the drives does take CPU cycles and could remove the speed or security benefit completely.

    I may suggest the following "other" uses for the GA-E350N-USB3

    Carputer: what better way to use a small and low powered system than in your car.  Have it show movies to the kids while you pull up directions.

    Media and File Server:
    Basically this would be a NAS box.  Sadly the case holding 4 drives will be larger than the motherboard but it will be cool and quiet

    Casino Gaming:
    We have all seen video poker machines, well there is a computer in them boxes and they actually run quite hot.  Imagine how many more lights a casino can run after switching all of their gaming machines to 18W systems.

    Spare Net Systems
    : We can always use extra computers around the house, we don't need them for gaming but maybe want to check email or update Facebook status.  A small system like this would be perfect for that.  The best part no screen size limitations common to Netbooks.
    Good Things
    MiniITX Form Factor
    Onboard 6000 Series Video
    Low Power
    4 SATA
    Single PCI Express expansion
    Can Be Overclocked
    Bad Things
    CPU is holding system back
    120Mhz Limit to Overclocking
    Ninjalane Rating
    Gigabyte Fusion E350N USB3 Motherboard Review

    Furious 5 of 5