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  • SilverStone ST1200-PTS Strider Platinum 1200W Power Supply Review
  • SilverStone ST1200-PTS Strider Platinum 1200W Power Supply Review



    As overclockers and enthusiast system builders we often look for the highest capacity PSUs for our systems, not because we need them but because we want to make sure everything has adequate power. 80+ PLUS rated PSUs deliver on those desires and do so with less heat, better overall efficiency and in some cases, peak loading conditions above the rated power specs.  Most mfgs will give you a suggestion on what size PSU to pick, consider these recommendations a minimum and with a PSU more is always better.

    The Strider Platinum PSUs are available in a variety of different configurations between 450W and ending at 1200w.  All feature 80+ Platinum certifications for 92% efficiency ratings and a single 12v power rail designs ranging from 46A up to 100A like on the 1200w edition.   The MAJOR difference between the SST-1200W-PTS and the older SST-1200W-PT is the physical size of the PSU.  The PTS version is a 150mm chassis while the older version is using the larger form factor.

    Not only is the SST-1200W-PTS the smallest 1200W PSU on the market but is also quite a bit lighter weighing in at 2kg (about 4.4 Pounds) making it a perfect PSU for a LAN machine that needs to be light and also powerful.

    Overall I like the SilverStone Strider Platinum for a number of reasons.  The modular design is nice along with the overall style especially the wire fan grill.  I find the stamped metal grills to be a little “tacky” and give the PSU a cheap look. Another nice option is the shorter cable kit for those looking to move into a SFF chassis.  I would have liked to see locking or solid plugs on the 20+4 ATX and 4+4 CPU power connectors since the +4 tends to be the exception on most modern systems. 

    Speaking of cables, the wires included with the Strider Platinum are all of the flat ribbon variety which has been considered a good thing by many system builders.  The idea is that as they are no longer a round bundle they are easier to run and will take up less space.  I wouldn't agree since they tend to require folding to change direction and getting several passing over the same spot just creates a mess.  Despite this I do like the overall style as it closely resembles the individually sleeved cables used in modified PCs.

    Good Things

    80+ Platinum Rating for 92% efficiency
    4-way Video Card Support
    1200w Peak Power Output
    Silent 120mm Fan
    Fully Modular Design
    Flat Ribbon Cables
    Optional Cable Lengths Available
    Smallest 1200W On the Market

    Bad Things

    No storage bag
    Both 12v CPU power cables should be the same length
    Flat ribbon cables take longer to route