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  • Cooler Master MH752 Gaming Headset Review
  • Cooler Master MH752 Gaming Headset Review



    It truly is a great time to be a gamer. Manufacturers are producing enthusiast level products with quality I never would have dreamed of when I first started looking to improve my game. Cooler Master is the perfect example. Their new MH752 Gaming Headset offers a comfortable 7.1 experience at a price that should have the competition running for cover!

    Did I mention the MH752 is compatible with PCs, consoles and most mobile devices?  Yep It is.

    Cooler Master offers the MH752 in a classy black with simple silver branding on the ear cups.  No sign of gaudy RGB here!  The construction is built around a steel frame with a typical plastic shell.  They look great if a bit smaller than I would have guessed.

    Looks are only the beginning.  Let’s take a look at the specs.


    Product Name: MH752
    Model Number MH-752

    Driver 40mm Neodymium
    Frequency Response 20-20,000Hz
    Impedance 26Ω
    Sensitivities (@1KHz 97dB ± 3 dB
    Connector 3.5mm 4-pole jack / USB Type A
    Headband Material Steel and plastic headband, PU leather and foam cushion
    Ear Cushion Material PU Leather and foam cushion

    Pick-up Pattern Omni-directional
    Frequency Response 100-10,000Hz
    Sensitivity (@ 1kHz) -42 ± 3dB
    Signal to Noise Ratio 55dB
    Microphone Type Detachable flexible microphone
    Virtual 7.1 surround sound On/off button with indicative LED

    Dimensions (mm/inch)149(L) * 85(W) * 215(H) mm / 5.87(L) * 3.35(W) * 8.46(H) inches
    Weight 340g, 0.75lbs
    Warranty 2 years
    EAN 4719512074558
    UPC 884102047046

    Cooler Master has come a long way from their 1992 beginnings as a heat sink manufacturer.  Today Cooler Master is an industry leader offering a wide range of Custom PC coolers, cases, peripherals and more.  Odds are pretty good any custom built or boutique PC will have Cooler Master parts under the hood.