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  • Patriot Viper V380 RGB 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset Review
  • Patriot Viper V380 RGB 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset Review


    Viper V380 RGB Layout and Features

    The Viper V380 headset features an ergonomic closed back design with surprisingly large ear cups.  The design is also surprisingly flexible making it a safe bet that these will fit on a huge range of heads from large to small and even those inflated ones right out of the box.

    Both the ear cups and the top cushion are made from protein-leather with the ear cups offering a better than expected level of passive noise cancelling even for an over the ear design. This is definitely helped by the larger size of the cups and their shape. I still felt them on my head but there was no fatigue or pressure even after long gaming sessions.

    The 0.68 lb (310gm) weight is helped by the aluminum swivel mounts. The overall feeling is solid but not bulky.  Keep in mind that the larger ear cups will look pretty big on those with smaller facial features.  (eg heads)

    All of the controls for the V380 RGB are found on the left side next to the cable.  The cable is not detachable but it is covered in a nice black weave for protection.

    Controls include a volume dial on the back, a mute button and a RGB effect toggle.  The port for the detachable mic is covered by a hinged rubber cover when not in use to keep out dirt and dust.